If I Die Tonight

Posted: September 14, 2014 in Poetry

I will shake God’s hands if he exists

because I lived each day kissing Caesars lips.

I ate and smoked it all, drank like a fish,

worked like a dog but fun I never omit.


Queen of beast sweet succulent meat,

medium rare grab with my hands rip with my teeth.

The matador stands, raging bulls can kiss my feet,

thick black skin soul of gold denying defeat.


Let me tell you about my dead mother—

her heels were ripped split a born hustler.

Ravines of pain that oozes pain and suffer,

on her death bed she whispered bless my daughter.


So here I stand looking out beyond

a world of ants bickering humans,

scuffling scrambling biting nuisance

life to be stomped by blinded ignorance.


So if I die tonight cheers to exuberance,

fought till death—hail to bloody benevolence.

With all the wars going on in the Middle East, Europe and Africa it is imperative that we focus on what’s going in our own backyard.

First, this is where we live, where we are raising our children and grandchildren. Here is where we have our property and go about our daily lives. If we ignore the crises such as financial, educational and racial issues happening now in our country, we are setting up our future generations for failure. It will not go away; after we die they will be the ones without jobs, homes and will have to deal with the backlash and crimes that their forefathers turned a blind eye to. The person that you treat like crap and the child that you ignore will be the same seed that grows up to retaliate against your generation. The drugs, crimes and violence will reach your offspring’s and that is a statistical, historical fact.

Secondly, I cannot stipulate enough that things and times will change, that is life, which is evolution. How things were centuries and years ago cannot and will not be the same. Our younger generation will not be like us, dress like us, eat like us, believe in our views nor find amusement from our entertainment. I will reiterate that if a person refuses to change their biases and attitudes of bigotry towards the world and other people in society, they are not embracing the truth or reality; they are selfish, they will never truly be happy against their own friction.

Finally, this to the Facebook people, look at your friends list. How many friends do you have that are not your race, age, sex, cultural and religion background, educational or financial status? Well, there you go…Art imitates life. I’m talking about you.

2:37 am

Posted: September 5, 2014 in Poetry


If only I could take a breath and let the smoke out/ to
inhale just as a dragon and fume my anxiety/in the quiet
of the late night my mind is at large/night dreams of last day’s
events replaying in my head/the flush of the toilet is louder
than the rain the bowl/slowly drains and the air condition blows
cool air/yet I am still fire/too hot to sleep/so I strip
myself and close my eyes/but the darkness dances in
forms bodies & dots/awaiting for tomorrow silently singing/
forget me not’s

I am totally annoyed at stupid, ignorant and lazy people, so I am using my voice to at least let my friends know the truth from the other side of society. Knowledge is the best weapon.

Our country is still very much divided between Blacks and Whites, rich and poor and women and men. The new generation is accepting change, but there are still these categories of rich and or white, men and old farts, bible hugging hypocrites that want us to still live in the past.  If you don’t see it, open your eyes and ears. If you deny it, get out of your bubble and talk to people not like you. This country was built off the backs of immigrants and slaves. America’s history is deep and everything happening now is a trickle down effect. If you can’t intellectually defend your point of view and show proof STFU. I can, it’s called history books, research, experience and statistics.

It’s not the current President or the next or the one before that is making America bad or good. It’s the laws and the people we voted or didn’t vote for, the selfish powerful people behind the scenes that use their purse strings to control the economy and government. The Bush’s started the wars, made 9/11 happen because of the unfinished war the 1st Bush started. They made the deficit happen made the housing and financial market crash because of giving free rein to big business and tax cuts for the rich.  The prison system in America is now modern slavery for Blacks. They won’t legalize marijuana because they are making too much money off tobacco and alcohol. They complain about the new healthcare plan because the pharmaceutical companies are making a killing, and making Americans addicted to 80% of the world’s opiates. Let’s talk about sending the jobs overseas for a bigger profit margin or to avoid paying taxes. Let’s talk about the over processed foods that’s making our children obese. Let’s talk about why civilians need machine guns, they weren’t invented when we first had the right to bare arms. What logical sense does it make to not want to monitor our foods, fix our roads and bridges? We need the government, it’s not socialism is common sense. Take a walk down to congress and check out the lobbyist with their fat wallets. It’s not just Blacks on Welfare, go to Middle America and so see how many Whites on meth, heroine and welfare.

In our history, Jews, Indians, Asians were slaves too, not just Blacks but Irish and Italians were not respected either. It’s sad that people don’t know their past. Women weren’t allowed to vote, get an education or have certain jobs. Yet the politicians still want to tell us what to do with our bodies and pay us less than men. If they don’t want us to have birth control then take away the erectile dysfunction drugs too. Christianity was once the only respected religion and just like gay marriage, America did not allow Black or interracial marriages. For so long other races were denied education and equal rights, so of course they are angry. If people did not revolt there would still be slavery. If women didn’t march we would still be home knitting.

A moment of shocked, was when I served the Marine Corps, it’s filled with immigrants and Blacks trying to make a better life for themselves. Yet, rich families and the über rich like Mitt Romney never sent their sons to serve the military. Let’s talk about raising the minimum wages so that America doesn’t become a third world country, lets pay teachers better so all our children get a good education, can read and count. Being able to afford to send your kids to college doesn’t mean anything if they can’t critically think after they graduate. There are so many homeless people and starving children in America it’s astonishing. If you want a war go fight it, if you are tired of angry poor people go and volunteer, put your money where your mouth is.  If you don’t want immigrants here go pick the crops yourself and clean your own hotel rooms.

And as not to be bias the dumb hoodlums that promote strippers, the gangster lifestyle, drug abuse, and claim to be reforming the word “Nigger”. That word was used to degrade your forefathers, show some respect for your racial history and struggle. You are not helping yourself, the country and your children. Go read something and get a damn job, any honest job. Women put your clothes on and use your freaking brain; our bodies have been exploited enough for centuries.  Raise the children you brought into this world to be educated, outstanding citizens. Life is not all about money, sex and feeling good. It’s not all about materialist things and showing off. It’s about a legacy and human preservation. Nothing lasting, valuable and respected is easy.

So many people have fought and died for the liberation we try to have and yet we still have this stagnant, delusional, denial, reversal America. I cannot be white as much as I can be a man. I am speaking from many perspectives, a woman, Black, a veteran, educated and to mention an immigrant, someone who believes in marriage equality, civil and equal rights. Someone who made personal sacrifices and overcame the odds, fought for a country that wasn’t mine, bought everything I own, worked my butt off and put myself through college. No one handed me anything, no one saved me. I deserved everything I accomplished and if I can do it so can anyone.


Everything, everyone have been from a root of a tree that will eventually spring seeds, this modern America is that seed. So blame the root.

If I was a Multi-Millionaire

Posted: September 3, 2014 in Poetry

I would buy acres of farmland
with crops and animals,
irrigation, solar, wind, and rain powered plan.

I would build tiny houses
for the foster children, abused victims,
the homeless, recluses and veterans.

For the students and teachers
society changers, artists, innovators
the outcasts and preachers.

I am a lover of humans,
nature, evolution and the future,
maybe a hippie? Yes ma’am.

To leave a legacy, make the world
a better place is my master plan.

You May

Posted: September 2, 2014 in Poetry

Try to judge me base on my skin color,
where I am from or that I am a woman.
You may only see my breasts and buttocks,
my size or the money in pocket.

You may judge me because of your experience
from people that look like me
deny my personality
and deem your superiority.

You can deject my accomplishments and ambitions.
Hey! You might even not trust me or believe me
because of what someone else LIKE me
Did or what YOU want to see.

BUT if you took the time to know me,
hear me and respect me.
You will soon find out there is only one me,
and you or no one may NEVER take me away from me.


For all the jealous, hateful, ignorant, and self-righteous people
that I cut out of my life,
those that are stuck in their ways and their reluctance to change.
The bigotry of their minds and their repetitive mistakes
dust-covered secrets and lies.
The ones that know not the gravity of history
and the consequences of their conduct,
their lack of self-evaluation and denial to seek the truth.
They that chose to live in the flesh, temporary pleasures and glory.
There are three things they can never conquer, lie nor deny
the conscience, time and death.