Me & Sky

Somehow the need to survive
Will be overridden by the yearn for pleasure
Oh wicked lust of man and ego
Still dwell in us from ancient years
The rules of the slave master still embodies us
And the overseer still carries a whip in his hand

The woman’s womb was cursed into weakness
Though she carried the life to breathe
Or she feeds the hunger of the starved
Using the body to deny a legacy
Adorns herself with diminishable things
Clawed to capture a king

Even as the man fails to take responsibility
For the flesh he made unrest fluttering
Peacock to attract and satisfy his needs
His weakness and blames the world when fails
Underneath just a boy wanting to make papa proud
Needing nurturing from under his mothers blouse

Go call unto your God
You will die and not witness his face
Your heaven is right here and your hell you make
Whatever makes you feel eternal kneel to it
But until you introduce me
It is a dust pile smog smoke blurred to me

In the darkness of the night
One can ignore the silence or cause the pain
Ignoring the toil of the day and day
Dream of self-superiority becomes self-mutiny
To fear another is to fear you
To envy is to be cowardly insecure

The weak man uses whatever propaganda and pain
He can to lift himself up from his own bile of bitterness
And the flower is trampled upon because of its beauty
When they cannot own it, they would rather kill it
Or watch it die instead of a drop of water
Some would rather ignore its beauty in silence

You alone will punish yourself
You alone can reward yourself
And as time slows and speeds up simultaneously
Your decaying body ages and weakens
There will come a time when self-becomes angry
It becomes frustrated and spiteful when failed

But at whom?


Posted: October 12, 2014 in Photo, Poetry


Lilies from my garden.


Kiss me
Hug me
Touch me
Inhale me
Hold me
Feel me
Hear me
Taste me

for I have

This bursting love
This hopeful happiness
This magic energy—

and it’s free

I. Don’t make it Personal
1. Religion is each human’s personal choice and right i.e. Jewish, Catholic, Christian, Hindu, Buddhist, Atheist, Mormon, Pantheist, Muslim, Wicca etc. etc. and the list goes on. It is not up to a company, anyone or a government based on their beliefs and power to dictate and judge, bully, isolate, deny, punish and criticize anyone for what gives them peace on earth. If that was the case there would be a war of religions based on countries across the world that have their ancient beliefs imposed on others. A perfect example is ISIS.
2. Relationships are the most intricate imperative part of living and being a healthy, happy human being. Whomever someone loves is nobody’s business as long as it is another consenting human being.

II. We Pay Taxes too
1. If a couple have spent many years building a life together, paying taxes and acquiring personal property and financial rewards, they should be able to receive the same benefits as anyone or family as a law-abiding tax paying citizen.
2. There are many financial and governmental rights that were denied to same-sex couples even though they earned it as hard-working human beings and family.
3. Some of these deserving rights are financial/property inheritance, household/income taxes, retirement/pension benefits, health/life insurance and social security/death/disability benefits.

III. Have a Heart
1. Hospitals deny same-sex couples the right to sit by their partner’s side and hold their hands on their dying bed. They deny them the right to make crucial life medical decisions in their time of need. Imagine being with someone for decades and you can hold their hand or request their wishes when you spent a lifetime with them.
2. Same-sex couples will and want to adopt neglected, foster, poverty-stricken children and give them a great life, regardless of race and culture.
3. Most importantly, a child that was raised by a same-sex couple can be taken away from the only parent they knew just based on that in the case of death.
As we reflect on our history there was a time when African-Americans, religious and cultural marriages were denied recognition. There was a time when interracial marriages were also denied. So as we evolve as humans beings, let us consider our evolution and the happiness for all. Humans are the most intelligent beings on earth and thus deserve the right to find happiness and equal, civil rights. Being heterosexual doesn’t make you a good parent or a great spouse; it is love, commitment and loyalty.




The Soul Lady

By: L. A Green (Oil on Canvas)


It is fitting to challenge defy and deny the expectations that are imposed upon on us
Within the spirit there is a need to exude and champion, be a hero and a star
Deep down the emotions of humans are all the same
The denial of what is real and attainable becomes soft with age
It is then that one must choose the greater good
Death is a gift of the gods and life is a punishment to payback
Everyone knows the feeling of good and bad
But it is the ignorant and arrogant that refrains
That rejects humility and hold onto pride
A man can never run away from his conscience
For it fester into shame and regret
It’s a dart that poisons slowly and silently
A bullet than burns and rips deeply
Experience is filled with holy days of triumph
Days of shameful angered pain, and yet some still will not refrain
Jealousy is ugly and vile it eats you from within
It sits on your head as a crown of insecurity and weakness
Pride is addictions father it is his seed, the prodigal son of a life of pain
Bigotry is lack of intellectualism and denial of the truth
Whom can you save not yourself?
Materialism is a dangling gem that serves no purpose after you are
Back to dust, bones and ashes
Pleasures are temporary and the need to seek more
What purpose is accumulating wealth just to die
Attaining the purpose of peace is far more rewarding
Leaving a legacy of a plant that grows defected as an amputated arm
Or a flower that blooms eternal life
Then should there be a greater good than self
It is the gift of bliss
Until then there will  be warriors, protesters and survivors
Such is the legacy of Man
The remnants of hope
There are only two paths of life
One that chooses to learn and live to love all
The other a proud selfish defiant soul
Let us not proceed to think greater humans exist
Death proves otherwise
Neither your genitals nor the color of skin signifies superiority
All have heart, brain, lungs and blood
So here I sit amidst the peace of ease and wish
If only they would listen
Why won’t they listen?

So Muah Love

Posted: October 2, 2014 in Poetry


I wish I could hold
your face
within the warmth
of my palms.

your lips
bestow the gift
of serenity
silently sing you
a lullaby.

If I Die Tonight

Posted: September 14, 2014 in Poetry

I will shake God’s hands if he exists

because I lived each day kissing Caesars lips.

I ate and smoked it all, drank like a fish,

worked like a dog but fun I never omit.


Queen of beast sweet succulent meat,

medium rare grab with my hands rip with my teeth.

The matador stands, raging bulls can kiss my feet,

thick black skin soul of gold denying defeat.


Let me tell you about my dead mother—

her heels were ripped split a born hustler.

Ravines of pain that oozes pain and suffer,

on her death bed she whispered bless my daughter.


So here I stand looking out beyond

a world of ants bickering humans,

scuffling scrambling biting nuisance

life to be stomped by blinded ignorance.


So if I die tonight cheers to exuberance,

fought till death—hail to bloody benevolence.

With all the wars going on in the Middle East, Europe and Africa it is imperative that we focus on what’s going in our own backyard.

First, this is where we live, where we are raising our children and grandchildren. Here is where we have our property and go about our daily lives. If we ignore the crises such as financial, educational and racial issues happening now in our country, we are setting up our future generations for failure. It will not go away; after we die they will be the ones without jobs, homes and will have to deal with the backlash and crimes that their forefathers turned a blind eye to. The person that you treat like crap and the child that you ignore will be the same seed that grows up to retaliate against your generation. The drugs, crimes and violence will reach your offspring’s and that is a statistical, historical fact.

Secondly, I cannot stipulate enough that things and times will change, that is life, which is evolution. How things were centuries and years ago cannot and will not be the same. Our younger generation will not be like us, dress like us, eat like us, believe in our views nor find amusement from our entertainment. I will reiterate that if a person refuses to change their biases and attitudes of bigotry towards the world and other people in society, they are not embracing the truth or reality; they are selfish, they will never truly be happy against their own friction.

Finally, this to the Facebook people, look at your friends list. How many friends do you have that are not your race, age, sex, cultural and religion background, educational or financial status? Well, there you go…Art imitates life. I’m talking about you.