Rare Dreams

Posted: January 26, 2016 in Poetry, Uncategorized

I have been dreaming of my dead mother lately,

she only comes to me as a premonition—

as a warning.


I was in the hospital with her in one dream

she screamed,

I can’t see

the pain!

the pain!


I relived it.

and I felt the same—



The other dream I was at a 60’s concert,

right in front of the stage.

Recording with a smart phone,



I dream in vivid colors—

bursting Art.


I woke up thinking—

someone is going to die

this year.


Someone I know,

I loved or wanted to.


As It is

Posted: January 12, 2016 in Photo, Poetry


I refuse to be judged for the color of my skin


thick textured

tolerant to heat, hot & burning.


Nor for my sex

expected to carry children

bleed, a man’s toy

a fading image.


Give me your cigar

your booze

your gun

& your war.


I will win—

there are many ways to kill

how about a cake

to feed you your hate?

See me as I am

that bitter green grass weed

cold frost glistening in winter

potent & pungent in the summer.


Cloaked in fairy feathers

politely good manners

yet as ruthless as an hexenbiest

an unconquerable indestructible beast.

The Calm

Posted: May 11, 2015 in Art, Philosophy, Poetry


LA. Green (Oil/Canvas)



I find joy in solitude

& I am not afraid to cry

for when I laugh it is music.


My thoughts can break rocks

& my imagination creates worlds

acknowledging death is life.



it is best to be a recluse

& let the storm chasers chase the storm

there will be calm & rebirth.


Mother Nature has a way of purging herself

she told me not worry

only wise men return to her.


To be happy is to become one

with the world

freedom is conscience

to survive is to adapt.


Don’t trust a God

nor a human only the spirit

it is the being of all life & death.


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Mother died at 48 from cancer


Brothers/sisters/children non-existent.


Father died from a heart attack at 43



Children non-existent.


Most don’t care

Each in their bubble

Far away they stand.

What is family really?

When the world makes robots

When the bloodline dies

When the connection is lost

When we forget

Why we are here?

We beg for peace & forgiveness

We cry for Love

Yet the encore is fast approaching

When we become wind/dust

When we disappear

When we choose happiness





She was 50, another 58 & 65 & the others 71 & 78

Two are minority, one was not

& two are men

So there we sat.



They complained about what was not

Freedom & laws mostly

But technology & being socially advanced

That was not available to them then


I had no smart phone, there was no internet

I had to walk ten miles to the library

I had six children & had to stay home

Raise my babies & gave up my dreams


Yes, I slept with the same-sex

But I could not marry them

So I hid in the closet

And I just pretend


I did drugs too but they didn’t legalize it

I had interracial sex

But I did not parade it

Much less breed with it


Men were always in charge

Women were there for us

Now they are acting like men

We cannot control them


I was better than Black people,

Now they are in the White House

How dare they get so educated?

How dare they do better than me?


I was forced to go to church

Now they have no regards for God

They have it too easy

Too smart for their own good


So instead of supporting being happy for them

I will punish them

I will wheel myself to the voting box

I will vote against everything


Even though I’ve lived my life

Was once young & fly

I will hide my secrets till I die

I will be jealous & lie


I am living in regret

But I am not going out yet

Until I make them feel sad

Adamant their living is bad


Because deep down

I am jealous

I am bitter

I am regretful

I will soon die


This is what I heard, so now I understand the hate within humans

Not everyone is like this; some 50+ are cool & hip

As for the others, as cold as it might sound

Should just leave the world already with their fog of clouds

If we did not evolve for the freedom & happiness for all

We would still be dying in our 30’s, die giving birth

There wouldn’t be any advances in Science & Technology

I would be a SLAVE!

We are entitled to live our lives

Some of us dutiful children

But let the birds fly

Don’t hate the butterflies


It is the creativity & innovation

Of the rebels, the freedom seekers

The artists, musicians, writers & the scientists

That make our the world what it is


Machine & Music

Posted: April 27, 2015 in Art, Poetry

IMG_3968Oil/Canvas By LA Green


Are you human or machine?

The gift of a human is a heart

it’s a soul.

But sometimes—

we must become a machine

to induce, endure & seduce

the plastic world.

Let the music transform you.

Without Art/creativity

we become robots.

Nature Trumps Humanity

Posted: April 19, 2015 in Art, Poetry


Oil on Canvas By. L.A. Green


I have found peace & satisfaction

Honesty with my soul

Risk & reward

Love & life

Caring & kindness

Real & fake

Confidence & insecurities

Blesses & happiness

At last